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the offering by nipper sorensen
the offering by nipper sorensen
the offering by nipper sorensen

The Offering

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Original Painting. Acrylic on Canvas. Measures 36" x 36" x 1.5" (91.5cm x 91.5cm x 3.8cm). This piece is based on the poem below, about celebrating all of who we are - not just the "good" parts.

I am letting mySelf
Get carried away
In all the ways
A good girl
Like me
In conversations
Full of ideas and thoughts
Too long when so many
chores are waiting

In the soft skin of my body
Stretching and being moved
By what I don’t know
Posing for hours
So maybe one day
I can stretch
A little more

In letting my lover
Wake me up in the
Of the night
Sacrificing sensible sleep
For pure pleasure

In painting
Pieces too big
To ever sell or make sense
But instead
Only serve as my
Offering to all
I was trying to hide

In taking naked pictures
Not by the tens
But by the thousands
Making photos for
No good reason
But pushing

In walking the same
Exact route
Every morning
Thinking about
And loosing my
Wasting time
Trying to remember

In inviting people
I’m not yet
Experienced enough
To know
Into conversations
About scheming
And plotting

In taking
The trafficked road
And running errands
Out of order
For the sheer
Inefficiency of it all

I’m letting mySelf
Get carried away
Lest I die
Holding back
One more time
(c) Nipper Sorensen