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The Lioness Painting by Nipper Sorensen

The Lioness*

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Original Painting by Nipper Sorensen. Acrylic on Canvas. Measures 12” x 36” x 1” (45.72cm x 91.44cm x 2.54cm).

This painting is based on the original poem, "The Lioness" below, about relationships:

This strange sinking feeling
That I have gone from being his anchor
To being a dead weight
A child asking too many questions 
Who will not go away
In the way
Keeping him under
No matter how
He tries to reason

Where has the lioness gone?
With her joyful roar
Her sultry watchful gait
Her wisdom and intuition
Guiding the way
With the only thing she really knows

Is she gnawing at the rope?
Quietly where I can't see
So I will not fight her
As she sets me free

(c) 2014 Nipper Sorensen