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The Gate Painting by Nipper Sorensen

The Gate*

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Original Painting by Nipper Sorensen. Acrylic on Canvas. Measures 18” x 36” x 1” (45.72cm x 91.44cm x 2.54cm).

The painting is based on a poem I wrote about the entrance to my then boyfriend's garden, called "The Gate". The gate was part of a wooden fence so it was hard to see if you didn't know it was there. 

The Gate 

It is not just a gate 
It looks like part of the tall fence 
Barely noticeable as you walk by 
But impossible to forget 
once you know it's there 

More so once you have felt it 
Put your hand on its surface 
To push it open 
Uneven wooden corduroy on your fingertips 
Rough with splintering potential and yet soft, gentle and smooth 
Sanded by nature through the years 

Each ridge so easy to feel 
Impossible to forget 
For your fingertips 
Once they have felt it 
The weight it takes to push it open 

Open to reveal the sweetest smell 
Tropical plants 
unlikely in this cold paradise 
Impossible to forget once 
You have sensed the fragrance 
Unique, familiar, safe, comforting 

Once fully open 
there you stand 
like the fingertips and sense of smell 
My heart knows 
Impossible to forget 
once it has sensed 
Like that gate and that fragrance 
and full of God 

(c) Nipper Sorensen 2013