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This Sweet Union

This Sweet Union

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Original Painting by Nipper Sorensen. Acrylic on Canvas. Measures 14" x 11" x 1" (35.56cm x 27.94cm x 2.54cm).

This painting is based on the poem of the same name, about friendship and how relationships evolve over time. We have since parted ways - almost like predicted in the poem. But the sweetness of that journey will always remain.


This sweet Union
Complex in its many territories
No need to pretend
It's easy all the time
The history of lovers
Always looming with
Its memories of times
Made easier

By the forgetful romantic mind

Someday it will expire either way
And others will take our places

Yet, in this moment 
We choose in to
What we don't know 
Save It feels good
To lay in the grass
Partners in being
Call it friendship
Or whatever you want 
I have no idea
Except "familiar" beyond this life


(c) Nipper Sorensen