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Bad Art - What Happens when the Inspiration Seems to be Gone?

For the past few weeks, I've been struggling creatively. I miss one of my creative collaborators that I've worked with for years, but I am focusing on individual projects right now. I guess this is what it is like to make a solo record: Being used to create with "the band" and now having to figure out all the pieces alone. And while my paintings are created "solo", I am used to having a sounding board and sharing ideas. And, it is clear I have to work alone right now, and most of the time it is pretty great.

However, lately it has looked like this: I have a very clear idea in my head for a series of smaller pieces, but I've not enjoyed anything I have created. The stuff I hear most often in my head was, "This sucks. You should just stop. You are terrible. What is the point of this, anyway? blah, blah, blah."

These "low inspiration" phases happen - it's not my first time (or second). I still get stubborn in trying to make something happen, but what would normally work, doesn't.

So I have to decide to make "Bad Art", which is why there are goofy self-portraits with this post (scroll to the bottom).  I know I have to keep going because eventually, something will click again.

Last time I went through something like this, I wrote a poem - I am now going to write bad poems - that still makes me smile and brings me some hope.  We always come back to the space where things flows again - and until then, there is always "Bad Art":


I am Now Going to Write Bad Poems

I’m now going to write
Bad poems
Instead of waiting
For divine
To strike

Enough of that
I’ve got things to
Say do and be
Even if it’s not
Or the New Yorker
Doesn’t want it

I’ll have it all:
Misfit poems
And paintings
Painted over
Smudged mascara
Open flys
Spinach in my teeth

Yes - I will


(c) Nipper Sorensen 1/28/19


Extreme Makeover - Artist Edition 




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  • Love the vulnerability and the recognition that these moods are not who we are. So beautiful to witness and see and realize it’s all ok.

    Julieanne Chazotte

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